Hong Kong House Chinese Restaurant
Title: 2021/11/9 16:31:50
Please know that the people that work here are bigots. They are afraid of any one who is not of their race and they are very hard to deal with. They do not understand what a gift it is to live in this country. Obnoxious and very rude and I wish to call attention to this. I would be very happy if they were deported. They do not deserve this country and nothing would make me happier than to see them deported.
Title: 2021/11/12 18:05:08
Please do not contact me. Your comments and impressions are not welcome. You have no idea about my life.
Title: 2021/10/9 17:14:18
I just spent $72 for really horrible food. Done with this business
Title: 2020/9/8 0:22:33
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