Hong Kong House Chinese Restaurant
Title: 2020/12/10 17:12:02
You are so afraid to make our dining out with you a good experience. You do not include enough dipping sauce ever. When we order we always ask for extra and you actually ask us to pay extra. Your food is tasty but your policies and skimpy dipping sauce are very very unpleasant. I don't think we will ever order again. How expensive would it be to actually provide your customer what we are paying for? Which by the way your prices for what you give are out of the box because you skimp on the dipping sauce.
Title: 2019/12/30 13:44:28
I'm sorry to say not only have your prices gone up but you have gotten skimpy on your portions. This is not the first time I've gotten my order at around 3/4 full. Congratulations, you win.
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