Hong Kong House Chinese Restaurant
Title: Never again2/14/2014 8:54:28 PM
We had the worst service ever! We will not be returning. We had three different servers none of which helped us. We waited OVER an hour and a half we were served after six people who came after us. Two of those six came 20 min. After us. Then when we asked to speak to the owner all she did was say sorry then charged us full price. She said that it took so long because of the seafood ceramic pot....but my husband received his "half duck " before. Now who thinks that it takes longer to cook seafood than duck! Really! I wanted to order dim sum but one of the servers said "oh that take long time to make" wow maybe it would have been done before our meals. And none of them gave us drinks I had to ask for water for my two children. So thanks for ruining my 12th anniversary and Valentine's day! This will not be my last review either. The seafood was over cooked and was like chewing on a rubber band, the duck was over cooked and super greasy more than duck should be, and my daughters chicken lo mein had raw chicken in it.
Title: Good Stuff2/14/2014 12:44:28 PM
I have been to a few Chinese places and they have been really good but you guys are by far the best!! Your food is awesome and your delivery is great, and everything was wonderful. And your prices are AWESOME!! Great food for a great price!
Title: The best!12/8/2013 7:10:17 PM
Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am currently in South America and I miss the delicious taste of the Hong Kong house. I have been going to the Hong Kong house since I was a little kid. I'm 21 now, and whenever someone asked me about good Chinese, I tell them The Hk house duh! People always told me they were scared to go in because the ruff exterior, but come on people have we not learned anything, don't judge a book by its cover. But they recently slapped a new coat of paint on the outside so maybe that will stop the rude talk. I personally didn't mind the pink hah. Love Dalton. P.s. get the sesame chicken, and the green beans and pork with black bean sauce. Do it. Oh and the hot and sour soup too....and..ha
Title: Cupon issue11/28/2012 4:28:20 PM
I went to print out a cupon and nothing happend!!! I feel that I have wasted my ink because it had words on bottom and top of the paper but no cupon!!! This isnt right!!!! Thank you for your time Velvet Castellanos 971-240-9012.
Title: Best in South Salem11/20/2012 4:22:14 PM
Love the food, especially the Singapore Rice Noodles!! Will keep coming back and Thank you for a quick delivery response. Its sometimes quicker then ordering in house. ;-)
Title: Christine11/13/2015 5:28:28 PM
We just finished a meal we had delivered from Hong Kong House. Everything tasted great. The shrimp fried rice was especially good and my husband like the lemon sauce that came with the lemon chicken so much, he was putting it on everything. Love it!
Title: 10/14/2012 5:31:11 PM
love your food but its kind of expensive. A coupon (15 or 20 off) would be amazing and i would eat here more often. Service is always great and the food is excellent we would just like a break on the price. Thank you your still
Title: Do not get delivery10/13/2015 8:11:16 PM
1 and 1/2 hours for delivery is a joke! Call and ask about the order and we are told its on the way bye! 30 minutes later still nothing! This is my second time of ordering from here and my last time!
Title: what a joke1/9/2015 8:59:24 PM
Ordered deliery has we had done for many years before . But this time after waiting 2 hours had called its on its way never showed also was hung up on . Called back to cancel was hung up on again . Food came Cold had to reheat omg we are 5 minutes away . We will never eat there again . So fast to take my money but failed overall food Awful u should b ashamed
Title: Robin Olheiser1/8/2016 10:08:13 AM
I am still REALLY upset that I had specifically ASKED then REQUESTED at least four times that there be no peas in our meal. We always order enough to last a couple of days. So, here I am, two days later, picking the peas out of every dish imaginable. AND, I had been told that the dishes would be prepared WITHOUT peas. This is just disgusting!
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